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Saturday, 16 June 2007

Online Opportunity, To Review or Not To Review ?

I've read about $100 Review Online Opportunity Contest for quite a while back, but have a doubt to enter. Why ?

My blog mostly writen in Indonesian as the target readers are Indonesians. I also lazy and not confident enough to write in English. Every day I keept asking myself to review or not to review ?

Today, the latest day one should submit their review I decided to take this change and for these reasons :
* The number of participant so far is very little, only six people !
I ever held contest with very less participant. I knew how bad we feel about that. With one more review I hope Jay will little bit cheer up.

* I have been touched by Jay gratitude when I give comment on his blog. He took time to post thank you message at mybloglog profile. At the bottom of his post, beside asking to subscribe his RSS he also said this phrase :"If you're already a subscriber, thank you!".
Not many people doing that.

* From comment at his post Make Money Online Reviews , I understand that Jay sometime stay until 2.30 am for blogging. With 2 years old kid at home he can't seem to work the blogging during the day. Me too, as mom with little kids, I am at his situation and understand the effort we have to put for blogging. That's why I want to support him.

* Jay from his postings here and postings at other forum which I myself join (ex : Apsense, Squidoo) I could feel that he is an honest guy, love to helping people. I'd like to support people with these values.

Stop bla bla things, now more deep review for the site.

First impression & design
This blog is neat and organized. An informative online opps blog to help you make money online. It's very easy to navigate, since all are well place : Recent post, most Popular Post and Categories. It has Top Comentators which will help commentator to have backlinks.

In this blog you could find many categories such as : Adsense , Advertising , Adwords , Agloco , Article Marketing , Blog Reviews , Blogging , Case Study , Contest , Ebook , Free , Free Money Internet Marketing , Make Money Online , Make Your Own Website , MLM , MMO Reviews Networking , Opportunity Review , Page Rank , Paid to Click , Profit Sharing , Sales , Selling Online , SEO , Site Update , Squidoo , Traffic Generation .
Jay explain things in very little details. This could be positive point but negative one as well for people who are easy get bored with long posting.

Last few days, I saw one ad at adbux Get on the First Page of Google, Guaranteed! . Lucky me I visit Jay's blog and get detail explaination about this.
Make Your Own Website are 4 series step by step to create your own free website. In these postings Jay as usual explain to you in very little details, so even novice blogger could create a website after reading his tutorials.

I my self join Marketing Pond and still got new knowledge while reading his Marketing Pond Review.

Jay just start this blog in April 18th, 2007. Within 2 months he has written 76 posts. IMHO, all aspect of making money online has been covered, again in little details. This is a kind of prove of his commitment statement :"I’ll spend the money and take the risk, so you don’t have to".

Conclusion :
Online Opportunity should be bookmark as a good resource to make money online. I'll fave Online Opportunity at Technorati. [BTW Jay, you should put Technorati button at your site, I saw it few days ago but today I didn't see any]

This is my entry for $100 Review Online Opportunity Contest. I think you, my readers, has no more time to enter this contest since in few hours the contest gate will be closed. Or if you still curious, you could see the post and rules here,
You better subscribe to his RSS feed, since I am sure it will be another nice contest to come.

All the best to Jay and Online Opportunity. More power and success to you and yours.

Disclaimer : This entry written by non native english speaker -indonesian speaker to be exact- who is now using french as her primary language. So please understand if you find frenglish in this post.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful review, Julia! I'll check on the Technorati button.