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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Sharing Photos and Videos and GET PAID

Yesterday I found two cool n promising sites :Share-a-pic and Share a Flick, which allows me to earn money from my photos and videos. We can upload bundles of photos (they have a new system where we can upload lots photos at once).
For videos we can upload our own videos or simply grab some from You Tube or MySpace

We get paid per 1000 page views of our images and videos - AND this is the good thing, we can put our adsense ID into the site, and display google ads on our photo gallery page -which mean we can make money too.

Referals - If we refer friends or family or whoever Share-a-Pic and share a flick will Pay 10% of their image views for life!

Sign up (FREE) HERE (for ShareAPic) and HERE (for ShareAFlick)

You could check some of my Photos like these :

Biarritz, Pays basque, South West of France

Agay, Cote d'Azur, South East of France (Near the city of Cannes)

Rose Garden at the city of Lyon, France

Some paintings of Claude Monet

or you could find them :HERE, HERE , HERE and HERE.

My vids are :
Learn Cake Decorating, Tips to make flowers retain their beauty, cake decorating 1,2,3 and many more .....

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