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Saturday, 15 December 2007

Pay Per Play

I want to show you how to get a 100% conversion rate on your website traffic.
This is not a sales pitch and there is nothing to buy. There is no squeeze page that is designed to sell you anything later either. This is an event that you should know about... First there was Pay Per Click advertising which pays you on the small percentage of website visitors that actually click on an advertisement.
Now there is "Pay Per Play" advertising that will pay you on 100% of your website traffic... NO CLICKS NECESSARY!
Pay Per Play caters to an audience that is larger than radio, television and print media combined!
Billions of dollars are being spent by big brand advertisers and they are ready to pay you. Will you claim your share of the pie? Or will you let someone else have it?

Pay Per Play works on a bid management system similar to Google AdWords and will compensate publishers just like Google AdSense but with one critical difference…
Publishers (website owners) will earn revenue on 100% of their traffic... no clicks necessary! The ads that play are very professional.

Best of all these audio ads DO NOT take up any space on a webpage... They are just heard, not seen, and there is nothing to click on, the ad just plays when a visitor enters a page that has the PPP code inserted. Website owners are paid "Per-Play" NOT Per-Click. The bottom line is that the advertisers love it and want more than a few million ad plays, they want more… WAY MORE!
It costs nothing to join and it costs nothing for your referrals to join.... For more informations or to signup as an affiliate visit my website or go direct here.

BE FIRST Revolutionary Advertising Build NOW Payments start in February 2008

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